Electronic Visit Verification

Good Neighbor is required to get an electronic verification that your caregiver is providing services when scheduled.  To get this electronic verification, we will be using 2 different options.       
Option 1 – Your caregiver may have downloaded a company app on their personal device like a cell phone or tablet. This app will allow your caregiver to clock in and out for the time scheduled with you. The app will require you to sign directly on the device to confirm services were provided. This process will take the place of a paper timesheet.        
Option 2 – Our phone system will call your number on file and ask you a few questions verifying your caregiver's arrival. Once completed, the system will disconnect as it has officially clocked your caregiver in.   The phone system will call again at the scheduled end time for your caregiver. The system will ask a few questions, once complete the system will disconnect as it has officially clocked your caregiver out. This process will take the place of the paper timesheet.   
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